Peppa Token is exchangeable with any other token on the network, and the Stellar protocol itself connects buyers and sellers.


Stellar is the one of the fastest growing and largest blockchain platforms out there. Constant updates and support further improve the Stellar blockchain platform.


Since Stellar does not makes use of PoW mining, it is green. Such efficiency can not be overstated. Stellar platform promises the speed and cost of transactions without sacrificing any drop in security.


Any applications build on top of Stellar with our tokens can be easily audited by any developer in matters of seconds.


Peppa Token was created as a meme token

Blockchain is a unique industry where we can explore how to empower users of our product— from FIAT currency to Stellar to Peppa Token, value is transferred across digital platforms.

By growing our community, we plan for Peppa Token to expand in its reach to you and our beneficiaries in charities. In short Peppa Token stands for community, fun, memes and comics, creativity in the crypto space.

We truly belive Peppa Token

will be an extremely unique community

It’s unique only because of the extraordinary people turning our ideas into reality. We’re on a serious mission to make a difference. We hope you join us!

Peppa Token has limited supply

Deflationary tokens such as Bitcoin and Hoge Finance reward early adopters and speculators. Inflationary tokens such as dogecoin are designed to reward miners, and result in diluting the holdings of investors. Peppa Token aims to reward long-term hodlers, who want to have ownership in a community.

Token Information


Peppa Token





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I buy Peppa Token?

You can buy Peppa Token on StallarTerm, StellarPort and all Stellar network clients. Make sure the issuer account is the right one by verifying it on Stellar Explorer. Avoid counterfeits and scams.

2. Where can I hold Peppa Token?

Any Wallet that supports Stellar tokens will support PEPPA - for example Lobstr, Solar.

3. Was there a presale?

No it’s a “fair” universal currency. There was no presale. No one has tokens before.

4. How can I keep my wallet safe?

Never ever give your words seed phrase to anyone, as it gives complete access to your wallet. Do not click suspicious links. Peppa Token admins or team members will never ask for your personal data or for your tokens or for money!